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Welcome to Ka-Ch!ng: Revolutionizing Cash Management in the Maritime Industry

Discover the Future of Maritime Payments with Mizzen Digital

Embark on a seamless financial voyage with Ka-Ch!ng, Mizzen Digital’s innovative cash management system, designed specifically for the dynamic needs of the maritime industry. Our ISO-certified and audited solution is a game-changer in handling disbursement-related transactions, offering unmatched efficiency and security.

Effortless Coordination of Disbursement Payments Worldwide

Ka-Ch!ng is the answer to the complex challenge of managing payments to diverse stakeholders across the globe. We understand the critical balance between port expenses and operational performance. Our system ensures efficient transaction handling for your Disbursement Accounts, meeting the highest standards of ISAE 34022 & SSAE 16.

Innovative Financial Tools at Your Fingertips

Our platform boasts a suite of financial tools, including account reconciliation and cash forecasting, to streamline your cash flow management. Handle accounts payable and receivable with ease, and enjoy the convenience of managing multiple vendor and agent payments in one secure, reliable, and efficient system.

Real-Time Dashboards and Advanced Reporting

Stay ahead with real-time dashboards and detailed reports, ensuring you always have a clear picture of your financial status. Our system-generated instructions, timely alerts, and compliance checks safeguard against international non-compliance risks.

Customizable and Compliant Financial Management

Experience the flexibility of customizable approval hierarchies and access controls, enabling faster approvals and fund transfers, thereby optimizing costs. Our platform ensures compliance with every transaction, featuring automated SWIFT copies, AML, sanctions checks, and more.


Global Reach, Local Solutions

In partnership with leading fintech players, Mizzen Digital extends its expertise in port payment management to a global scale. We ensure swift, affordable rerouting of payments, backed by our robust network and innovative processes.

Competitive Edge with Ka-Ch!ng

Benefit from competitive exchange rates, real-time payment progress updates, and a system designed to enhance your operational efficiency. Ka-Ch!ng is not just a system; it’s your partner in navigating the financial seas of the maritime industry.

Ready to Transform Your Maritime Cash Management?

Visit us to explore how Ka-Ch!ng can redefine your financial landscape. Contact Mizzen Digital today and set sail towards a more efficient, secure, and compliant financial future.

Ka-Ch!ng by Mizzen Digital: Navigating Financial Success in the Maritime World

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