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Introducing Ka-Ch!ng, our cutting-edge cash management system that facilitates payment management, account reconciliation for disbursement-related transactions, and balance recovery from agents. Ka-Ch!ng is developed to assist ship owners and operators in coordinating disbursement payments to diverse stakeholders worldwide.

We at Mizzen Digital appreciate the importance of balancing port expenses with operational performance, and that’s why we offer an efficient transaction handling method for your Disbursement Accounts that has been ISO certified and audited to conform to ISAE 34022 & SSAE 16 requirements. In addition, we offer solutions that are easily implemented and may be expanded upon.

When we combine our expertise in facilitating port payment management with the global reach of our financial partners, we enable our customers to swiftly and affordably reroute their payments.

To better move and deliver client funds, Mizzen Digital and Our fintech partners are collaborating on new and improved processes. Through partnerships, we provide clients with best-in-class solutions.

What we offer
Ka-Ch!ng has financial tools like account reconciliation and cash forecasting that help you keep track of your cash flow and manage your accounts payable and receivable with minimal effort. Our Payment system is secure, dependable, and efficient, allowing you to manage multiple vendor and agent payments in one place while maintaining transparency. Real-time dashboards and instant reports help you keep track of your accounts. System-generated instructions, timely alerts, and compliance checks help you manage your finances effectively and avoid international non-compliance. Customizable approval hierarchy and access control allow for faster approvals and fund transfers, giving you the opportunity to cut costs. Over and above, we offer competitive exchange rates, payment progress updates, automated SWIFT copies, AML, sanctions, and compliance checks on every transaction.

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