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At Mizzen Digital, we are revolutionizing the maritime industry with our flagship platform, which provides clarity, control, and efficiency, illuminating the path for commercial operations management as an advanced SaaS platform.
Port Cost Management

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Agent Hub and Vendor Dock

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To better move and deliver client funds, Mizzen Digital and Our fintech partners are collaborating on new and improved processes.

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  • Bunker Assist
  • Optimization Engine
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The application ecosystem makes it easy for the user to create an itinerary in our Voyage Management System, and the ecosystem takes care of the rest. It does this by smartly interacting with the other applications and giving proactive solutions and suggestions to the commercial team when the voyage is created. For example, it might suggest a cheap bunker port or let the user know what the weather will be like along the way.

The applications are interdependent and standalone, and interaction via system data and analytics makes it feasible to maximise output while you focus on the organization‘s tasks.

We invite you to start your journey towards digital transformation with us.
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This is our proprietary, cloud-based voyage management application that complements your commercial operations/teams. An intelligent system that communicates with the application array when a voyage is created, allowing the commercial teams to make decisions before the last discharge operation is finished. Having all the hallmarks of asset management, It gives the commercial team a continuous overview of the PnL. In addition, it has solutions for all maritime segments and can make changes to meet your organizational needs. With the help of different sub-modules, the commercial teams can run voyage simulations, handle claims, manage time charters, set up profit-sharing agreements, and do a lot more. This makes the commercial teams’ jobs easier. Let the application do the hard work while you and your team focus on what will be best for the organization.

Bunker fuel costs make up about half of your total voyage costs, and efficient bunker management is key to improving the bottom line. This is especially true when markets are volatile and international events change prices so quickly that it’s almost impossible to predict them.

Our application array can help you with optimal bunker planning by suggesting key ports to help you optimise your bunker planning and hit the net working capital along the way. We don’t make you sign a contract with any service providers or vendors, but we do give you suggestions based on data to improve your PnLs.

Take a demo to learn more, and if you have any questions, we’re always happy to help.


Port Cost Management

At Mizzen Digital, we understand that managing port costs in the maritime industry is a complex, time-consuming, and critical task for your business. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to simplifying and optimising this process through our innovative Port Cost Management system.


Ka-Ch!ng platform is meticulously crafted to streamline payment management and account reconciliation for disbursement-related transactions in port costs, ensuring that ship owners and operators can effectively manage their financial operations on a global scale.


Agent Hub and Vendor Dock

We understand a large part of your critical decision making time is preoccupied with finding various agents and vendors to cater the vessels while calling ports or any services needed enroute. Leave these worries to our worldwide directory helping you with minimal clicks to locate these vendors and use the platform to communicate and ensure that all the relevant services are addressed to. We provide a chat module which will enable you to communicate with the vendors/agents archive your communication keep data confidential and negotiate if any contracts which work in the best interest of your organisation.
Our fuel optimisation services help you plan the best fuel consumptions for the voyage and if any cargoes that need consumptions for cargo quality management our experts can provide assistance with ideal fuel management so that you complete your voyage with absolute peace of mind. Fuel optimization savings contribute east between 5-10% on the voyage costs and simply impacting the fleet leads to considerable savings during these competitive times. We can do our bit to help you save costs while considerably reducing the carbon foot print. Please reach out to our experts to help and guide you more.
A simplified communication chat software, email and archiving system, many tools that hit the small day to day needs of the commercial teams. We are happy to bring the array of optimisation and single click operations specifically designed to target the pain points In the commercial world. Let our systems do the heavy lifting while you peacefully focus on your PnL.
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