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Port Cost Management

The Port Cost Management process is a complex and time-consuming one. We know how hard it is to keep tabs on all the moving parts, track what needs to be done, and ensure everything gets done in a timely manner.

We at Mizzen Digital understand the importance of your business. We realize that you don’t just need a system to help you manage your port costs. Instead, it would help if you had a partner who would be there for you every step of the way, understanding your unique needs and what it takes to ensure your company is continually operating at its best.

That’s why we created Port Cost Management.

Built from the ground up with input from industry experts, it’s built to be as flexible and configurable as possible.

Port Cost Management provides a 360-degree view of all your disbursement accounting needs, complete with powerful reporting tools that can help you make informed choices. With our cloud-based system, the data is embedded in your workflow. You have full control over your current and historical data. You can see exactly where your costs are going, who’s spending what, and what impact that spending has on your bottom line.

From Agent/Vendor appointments and port cost estimates to comprehensive audits and pre-funding options to re-billing and settlements, we’ve got your back.

Our goal is simple: make it easier than ever before for companies like yours to operate smoothly and efficiently while maintaining complete control over their finances!

Easier system-driven appointment, agent verification process, preferred agents/vendors.

Verification of DA Estimates and Relevant Comparisons:
The system permits transparent verification of DA estimates and relevant comparisons, which aids decision making.

A policy-driven and configurable pre-funding option in the currency of choice is available.

DA Audit:
A system-driven and comprehensive audit of FDAs for accuracy while taking into account corporate policy, customer instructions, and trade practices.

Re-billing and Settlement:
System-driven rebilling as necessary, as well as speedier and more precise settlements.

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